Poetry of Stephanie Bennett Henry, Uncategorized


Dreams are never set in stone,
wishes don’t always reach the sky
and maybe the stars are laughing
at all of us anyway.
The stars probably wish on us
but we never hear them,
so their falling is the way they give
up and it’s all our fault.
They believed in us,
made wishes on us,
but our own wishes made us deaf
and there was a message in the sky
the whole time
that we never bothered to decipher.
We missed the meaning
We missed everything.
That’s why the sky sobs and screams
like it does.
We listened to the thunder’s roar
but we never heard the cry for help
even though the lightning
was a translator,
even though the moon kept changing,
hoping we would notice.
The sky watched us tear this place apart
and we watched back
with space shuttle hearts
through fancy telescopes,
but our empty eyes only held
the color of selfish wishes.
That sky is empty.
We see what we want to see
and maybe the wish in you
wanted to paint the sky beautiful
so you could believe in something.
Well, that’s something.
Those stars aren’t shining for you,
you are shining for them.
Did you know that?
The moon tries to show you how
to be bigger, but not big enough
that you forget how you started small.
The sky tries to cry away
this place we set fire to,
but we don’t let it.
We like to burn.
And here we are…
wondering what the face of the
world looks like;
I bet she’s never smiling.
-Stephanie Bennett-Henry

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