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Message in My Bones 

You never understood the way my bones crack when I walk across the thick silence of this room. That was never cracking you heard, it was me, cutting through the quiet with that sharp knife of my song. That’s right. There’s a song in me that you don’t know the words to because you never listened long enough to learn the words of my soul, playing like a broken record that never broke but the needle is stuck on the music in me. Replaying the same message until you finally choose to stop plugging your ears with the blood that seeps from my wounds, and now, your silence is my infection that not even my own words can cleanse from the throat of your chosen indifference. Look the other way. The message in me will never stop trying to tell itself, but only to the ones who want to hear it with their heart. Don’t look in the cold blue silence of my eyes for the ocean you want to learn to swim in now, it’s too late. The words that keep my heart from stopping are the same words that were always too deep for you to touch and now you tread through the depth of my silent waves. They are over your head and your eyes are begging for a life raft, but I don’t have one, so I throw you my silence. Maybe that will save you. Maybe that will drown you. I only know you need to hear the message in the silence, even when it sounds nothing like your own voice.  -Stephanie Bennett-Henry

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